The COVID-19 pandemic has made for a very difficult year for all brides-to-be. As lockdown one, two and three stood firmly in the way of everyone’s plans, the bride has probably had to deal with rearranging not only her big day itself, but also her bachelorette party.

Bachelorette parties are undoubtedly one of the most fun parts of a wedding. It’s a chance for the bride to spend her last days without a wedding ring with her closest group of friends and family, having a laugh and reminiscing on everything she’s been through back in her single days.

As the Maid or Honor, you have the most important job in the world: to organize the bachelorette party. It’s your responsibility to make sure that the bride and her bridesmaids have the best night possible- so no pressure!

Since COVID has significantly impacted the rules on socializing, we’ve created a list of some bachelorette party ideas that comply with the latest lockdown rules from mid-April onwards. Of course, this is dependent on how big your group is- and how many households will be joining- which is why we’ve included a mix of virtual and non-virtual ideas. Here are some fabulous COVID-safe bachelorette party ideas that the bride is guaranteed to love:

Organize A Pamper Day

There’s absolutely nothing better than a good pamper session- especially in the run up to a wedding. Save money on spa treatments and instead, bring your pamper session to someone’s home! While at the spa, you may be limited to only one or two treatments, at home, it’s really up to you how many treatments you decide to bring in.

There are many great options for a home spa day, such as face masks, nail painting and foot spas. If the rules allow it, you could even book for a mobile nail tech or make up artist to come to your house.

For those who really want to treat their bride, you could think about hiring out a blow-up hot tub for the day! There’s nothing more luxurious than relaxing in a hot tub with a glass of champers- and as a bonus, you’ll have the hot tub all to yourselves.

Host An Online Casino Night

Since no one can exactly fly off to Las Vegas at the minute, why not host your own casino night with the girls? The great thing about this idea is that you have the choice whether to host your casino night virtually or not- so it’s perfect for both zoom calls and in-person.

Most online casinos contain just as many games as you’d find in a real-life casino- if not more. All you need is some glasses of bubbly and a computer screen to be able to try your luck and see if any of your bride squad is going to win big.

Since your casino night is just for one night, you’ll be looking for a site with a fast payout- and to save yourself the search, head over to Online Casinos. They provide a full list of the gambling sites with the quickest payouts, and they’ll only recommend sites that are one hundred percent trustworthy and reliable. To find a gambling site that’s perfect for your bachelorette party, read more here.

Cook A Three Course Meal

If your original bachelorette night involved a classy meal out, then you don’t have to disregard the meal idea completely! In fact, it could be a lot more fun to whip up your own three course meal, with a menu specially tailored to the bride’s preferences.

To keep things fun, you could allocate each bridesmaid with the responsibility of preparing a different part of the meal, and then ask the bride to guess who made what. You’ll get extra bonus points if you decorate your living room like a swanky restaurant, too.

Take Part In A Cocktail-Making Class

Here’s another fun idea that can be done both virtually and in person! While bars may be opening in the middle of April, you can guarantee that they’re going to be absolutely packed full of people, which can make for quite an unenjoyable experience.

If you’ve always wanted to know what goes into your favorite cocktails, then now is the perfect opportunity. You’ll find the recipe for just about every cocktail out there on the internet, so to host your virtual cocktail night, simply print or email the recipes to all your pals, and get stuck in!

If you’re meeting up with your girl group for the night, then why not turn your cocktail-making experience into a competition? You could have different drinks for rounds, and judge how each person’s cocktail tastes on a scale from 1-10 at the end of each round. Warning: this one will probably make you tipsy!

Host A Virtual Trivia Quiz

Since the wedding is all about the bride, it’s only right to make the bachelorette party all about her. You can find plenty of trivia quizzes online, or for a personal touch, you could make your own. It’s the ultimate test to see how well everyone knows the bride, with the winner being the person who answers the most questions correctly.

The more fun and cringe-worthy the questions are, the better- so if the bride has an embarrassing ex, then make sure to feature them a lot in your trivia!

Have An Old-Fashioned Sleepover

2021 is the year that lots of our 90s babies are getting married, so why not take her right back to her childhood by throwing an awesome, 90s inspired sleepover? This is a great option for if you’re on a budget, since all you’ll need is a DVD or two, some sleeping bags, and bucketloads of popcorn.

If the weather is warm enough, then you may want to take your sleepover outside. You could re-live your girl guide days by pitching tents and roasting marshmallows around a campfire while wearing matching pajamas. Just imagine the Instagram pictures!