Throughout AANHPI Month, Honeysuckle presented “Asians Across The Supply Chain: Profiles In AANHPI Cannabis,” in partnership with Dutchie! We are proud to celebrate the cannabis industry stakeholders who are building the foundation for this evolving space and pioneering the brands that serve the ecosystem as a whole. These professionals come from all across the cannabis supply chain, proving that each sector functions in tandem to build an inclusive, expansive and growing industry.

We’ve shared several in-depth profiles with you throughout May. But there are so many more innovators to spotlight all year round! Here is a list of more luminaries to follow. This time, we are going national and even international. And if you want to share your AANHPI heritage stories with us, hit us up at @honeysucklemagazine on Instagram.

(C)Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture

"Hawaii" Mike Salman, Founder, Chef For Higher And Fly Private Social




Courtesy of Cinn Studio

Cindy Lam and Scott Nguyen, Founders, Remedy Displays


Winky Chhabra and Paras Chhabra, Founders, Bodega Boyz



(C) On The Revel

Lulu Tsui, Co-Founder And Chief Experience Officer, On The Revel; President, Cannabis Media Council



(C) New Metro Dispensary

Sean Kang, Founder, New Metro Dispensary

Tim Au-Yeung, Founder, 5Boro Cannabis

(C) Sundae School

Dae Lim, Founder And Creative Director, Sundae School


(C) The High End

Helen Gomez Andrews, Co-founder And CEO, The High End; Board Member, Asian Cannabis Roundtable

(C) Lenox Hill Cannabis Co

Wei Hu, Esq., Founder, MRTA Law; Co-founder, Lenox Hill Cannabis Co; And Partner, County Road Cannabis


(C) Calm Better Days

Amy Chin, Founder, Calm Better Days; Co-founder, High Exposure Agency



(C) Sinsemilla De Ma 420 CBD

Winde Bertran, R.N., Founder, Sinsemilla De Ma 420 CBD


Courtesy of Shirley Ju

Shirley Ju, Journalist; Media Personality; Creator And Host, Shirley's Temple



(C) Joy Leaf Dispensary

Dharsh Casinathen, Co-founder And President, Joy Leaf Dispensary




Collin Lam, Vice President, Commercial Growth, PAX



(C) Blaze Responsibly

Chirali Patel, Founder, Blaze Responsibly™️; Founder, Blaze Law Firm; Board Member, Desi Cannabis Collective



(C)Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture

Heman B. Shahi, Founder, Re-Legalize Nepal



(C) Nabis

Vince C. Ning, Founder And Co-CEO, Nabis



(C) Asian Americans For Cannabis Education

Ophelia Chong, Founder, Asian Americans For Cannabis Education


(C) Park Jordan

Kristin Jordan, Founder, Park Jordan; Founder And President, Asian Cannabis Roundtable; Founder, Mannada Events / The Maze






(C) Farmacy NYC

Pari Patel, Founder, Farmacy NYC; Board Member, Desi Cannabis Collective


(C) Green Check Verified

Peter Su, CTP, CCBP, CCCE, GRCP, GRCA, IDPP, ACBP, CBE, Senior Vice President, Green Check Verified; Board Member, Asian Cannabis Roundtable



(C) Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture

Jackie Conroy, Co-founder, HighGarden



(C) SK Ventures

Shahbaaz Kara-Virani, Principal, SK Ventures; Co-founder, CannAcquire; Co-founder, The Cannabis Collective




(C) Vigor Dispensary

Alan Ao, PharmD, Founder And CEO, Vigor Dispensary; Board Member, Asian Cannabis Roundtable



(C) Maria Lau / Asian Cannabis Roundtable @marialauart

Weiwei "Vivian" Fellman, Founder And CVO, Kota Botanics; Executive Director, Asian Cannabis Roundtable



(C) Bud Bar Cannabis

Justin Woo, Founder And CEO, Bud Bar Cannabis


(C) Maxine Tamoto

Hilary Yu, Founder And Executive Director, Our Academy (Our Dream)



Vanessa Yee-Chan, Founder And CEO, Alta Dispensary


(C)Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture

Jerry Lin, Founder, CannaDreams


(C) Zyre Brands

Audrey S.F. Wong, Founder And CEO, Zyre Brands



(C) Element Apothec

Davina Kaonohi, Co-founder and CEO, Element Apothec



(C) Nine Point Agency

Anna Li, Founder, The Cannabista



Ryan Lepore, Executive Director, NYC NORML; Co-founder, The Flower Hour




(C) Sunyung Shin. Courtesy of Asian Americans for Cannabis Education.

Sung Seok Kang, CEO, Korea Dispensary



(C) VetCBD Hemp

Tim Shu, DVM, Founder And CEO, VetCBD Hemp


(C) Peak Pharm Labs

Rahim Dhalla, Founder, Hybrid Pharm; Co-founder, Peak Pharm Labs




(C)Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture

Chef Ali, Co-Founder, HiFive Edible Wonders, And Adam Ali, Co-Founder, HiFive Edible Wonders; Account Manager, Master-Minded Distribution





(C) Cassidy Duhon / Duhon Photography LLC. Courtesy of Higher Dama Financial.

Mei-Ling Campbell, Founder, Higher Dama Consulting; Board Member, Asian Cannabis Roundtable


(C) Simon Ackerman

Olive Hui (許上思) (Pineapple O), Artist; Performer; Experience Designer; Co-Founder of Late Cambrian



Art Catapang, Co-founder And CEO, Budrisk



(C) Omnium Canna

Howard Hoffman, Founder And CEO, Omnium Canna; Founder And CEO, Waahoo



(C) Fruit + Flower Co.

Christina Wong, Founder And CEO, Fruit + Flower Co.


(C) BEST Dispensary

Susan Hwang, Founder And CEO, BEST Dispensary





Jia Zhuang 庄稼, Founder, The Cannabis App


(C) Meadow

David Hua, CEO and Wally Wong, Senior Account Executive, Meadow


(C) Treez

John Yang, Founder And CEO, Treez Inc.

(C) The Ganjha Show

Vipin Pharkya, Host, The Ganjha Show



Nhi Luu and Zhi Tan, Founders, SunnyTien


Courtesy of Network of Applied Pharmacognosy

Miyabe Shields, PhD, Co-founder, Network of Applied Pharmacognosy



(C) Saiema Quadri / Sociale Dispensary

Annu Khot, Founder, Sociale Dispensary



(C) Yogi Maharaj

Yogi Maharaj, Founder, Luv Kush Co.; Board Member, Desi Cannabis Collective



Featured image: Left: Christina Wong (C) Fruit + Flower Co. Right: Susan Hwang (C) BEST Dispensary.