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Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

Tell us about your connection to the Queen of Hearts.

I discovered the Queen of Hearts dress in a window shop downtown one evening a couple of years ago here in Eugene, designed by Marjorie Taylor of Velvet Edge and knew I wanted to have a shot at creating something with it.

I wanted a beautiful fantasy image of this dress and there is nothing that goes better with the Queen of Hearts than rose petals and playing cards, I loved the look of the two of them mixed together against a dark background.

I have always loved any version of the Queen of Hearts. She is such a magical and important character in a world were it seems fantasy is an after thought. It is an honor to have brought a version of her to life. She is dear to me and the protector of the broken hearted in my opinion. When I saw the dress in the window made of heart playing cards, I was instantly enamored. M0akeup and hair, I wanted it to be very Disney and fantasy

I paint my own backgrounds for private and commercial, sometimes with people and props. I become so inspired by the smallest items usually found on the side of the road or near dumpsters. Discovering entire fantastic worlds through a little paint and love is one of my favorite things. I absolutely adore old world painters. I’ve worked hard to learn how to accomplish that look and include it in the work.


How do you find your incredible crews?

A long time ago I laid out a creative map, asking myself what is was that I wanted to accomplish.

The thought kept creeping up… “Whatever you need, it out there, go find it.” With that, this message became increasingly clear as well.    “Keep your work in front of faces always” even your collaborators.” The people you need will show up when you need them.”

Was this shoot connected to your raising awareness of abuse or your former project, Jaded Jane?

The Queen of Heart shoot is not connected to raising awareness, it was something fun I wanted to do for my portfolio. Although at some point the work will be added to shows that benefit the cause, but ultimately was not the reason for the shoot. The Jaded Jane Project is closed as of right now. Although I still work with victims of extreme violence, it’s not under the Jaded Jane Project. I love the project and encourage others to do the same, but for now I have to let it rest. I would get so many heartbreaking stories, I couldn’t keep up with them and working through my own trauma at the same time, it was too much to handle. I will pick it up again later on.

Tracy is largely assisted and inspired by her husband, Rob.  For more on Tracy see here.


Dress made of hearts playing cards designed by: Marjorie Taylor of Velvet Edge Boutique
Makeup & Hair: Andrea von W
Model: Kendra Mode
Lighting & Retouching: Rob Sydor
Set Design & Photography


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1 Comment

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