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Let’s Talk Hemp @ Southern Hemp Expo (SHE) 2019 Digital Magazine

Honeysuckle is proud to launch the first digital magazine for the Southern Hemp Expo (SHE), taking place this weekend, September 6 and 7 in Franklin, Tennessee! Earlier this spring we partnered with NoCo Hemp Expo, the largest industrial hemp conference in the world, to produce their inaugural publication Let’s Talk Hemp @ NoCo Hemp Expo. Now journey with us to Williamson County AG Expo Park, just outside Nashville, for the Southeast’s premier hemp-centric expo – and discover the stories that make the 2nd annual SHE a must-see event.

In Let’s Talk Hemp @ SHE 2019, Honeysuckle and SHE writers explore the incredible community of pioneering innovators in business, science, environmentalism, agriculture, and spiritual understanding. Enter a world in which professional drag racer Matt Hagan takes his risks off the course and into the farm fields. Meet the women leading a hemp revolution, from renowned human rights activist Winona LaDuke to groundbreaking entrepreneur and healer Dani Billings of the Colorado Hemp Project to Frances Tacy, the first female hemp farmer in North Carolina, and many more. Find out why Cooper Lynn Hays, the burlesque queen of Nashville, makes her happy home in the heart of hemp country. Plus insights from experts in law and politics, natural product development, planetary wellness, and more.

Read the full issue below.

Let’s Talk Hemp @ Southern Hemp Expo (SHE), powered by Honeysuckle.

Follow along with us as we join the thousands amped for a knockout SHE, presented by Blühen Botanicals, produced by the Colorado Hemp Company/We Are For Better Alternatives (WAFBA), and featuring a host of amazing speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. What can hemp do for you? Whatever you imagine. Come on down, y’all!

For tickets and more info about SHE 2019, visit or follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Let’s Talk Hemp @ SHE 2019 features artwork and design by visionary artist retro, b

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