Short Fiction By: Brittany DiGiacomo Jackie realized it had been a while since she looked Anna in the eyes. She’d been working, scouring the restaurant. Purposely sitting in direct view of the entrance, watching who walked in and out of those doors. She eyed the hostess as she walked across the marbled dining room floor

“Ohkasoh Nupponk,” Short Film by Sparrowhawk

Ohkasoh Nupponk By Sparrowhawk SHORT ACTION/ADVENTURE/DRAMA/THRILLER FILM Ohkasoh Nupponk The Storyboard from Ohkasoh Nupponk on Vimeo. A few thousand years ago along the Housatonic River, POMUSHAUMAU KUTCHIKKONKONT, is the best young arrow maker of the PAUGUSSETT. He holds the knowledge of wampum reading, medicine, hunting, fishing and agriculture, but he is a little skeptical on

Dopey Episode 65: MSNBC and FOX News Pundit Joe Schrank returns to Dopey to talk about ‘High Sobriety,’ the world’s first ever cannabis substance abuse treatment cent

Dopey Episode 65: This week on Dopey- MSNBC and FOX News Pundit Joe Schrank returns to Dopey to talk about his latest enterprise; ‘High Sobriety’. The world’s first ever cannabis inclusive substance abuse treatment center. Chris shares his incredibly unlikely encounter with our favorite potential guest, Artie Lange. And Dave presses Chris to share the

THE HARD NUT – by Mark Morris Dance Group

Review by Shani R. Friedman The Mark Morris Dance Group and The Hard Nut celebrated 25 years this December with their reimagined version of E.T.A. Hoffman’s story in BAM’s opulent opera house. The original story was set in the 1890s but for this production, the action is transposed to the 1970s at the home of


  By Tim Realbuto I’ll let you in on a little secret. Writing terrifies me. I never wanted a career in writing. I grew up as a child actor, starting in community theatre when I was just five years old. By the time I was twelve, I had been on Nickelodeon and HBO. I had

Becoming an Ancestor: The Mustang Way

Why do we honor our ancestors - Sparrowhawk BN: Thank you for talking with us and making this important short story and film.  What was your impetus in making it? SH: Life experiences and the similarities we have with the Mustang Spirit have inspired me to tell this story through a short video. Most of

Blck Neon Thanksgiving: Cheryl Dupris talks with Sheldon Raymore and Sparrowhawk on their recent trip to Standing Rock and gems of preserving American Indian culture.

US Army veteran, Cheryl Dupris of the Minneconjou tribe, moderates a talk between Sheldon Raymore, of the Cheyenne River Sioux, and Sparrowhawk, aka Kak-u'-nui Goyahkla Onixohtlak of the Apache; on their time at Standing Rock, North Dakota for pipeline opposition protests.  They discuss their concerns for the future, their experiences on the front lines and their work in preserving important Native

Alison Clancy’s New album: PSYCHO TYKO

Photo: Jason Akira Somma Singer, songwriter, artist, performer, Alison Clancy releases her first album PSYCHO TYKO, Monday November 21. PSYCHO TYKO was born in NYC after Clancy met producing duo Cliff Lin and Marisa Cristina of CityGirl at a show. They found they played the exact same guitar and shared a mutual love for telecasters and frank behavior that

It was such a long election dragged out and dysfunctional to go through only to not have our interests recognized, by Gwen Wrobel

Cover photo: beaded feather talisman, forged copper with glass seed beads made on trade. By Gwen Wrobel.  Gwen is an artist living on the West Coast. Gwen: It was such a long election dragged out and dysfunctional to go through only to not have our interests recognized. Digital Honey: Would you have preferred Hillary? G: I don't think

People in this country are acting like goddamn fools. Will you be a part of the problem or part of the solution? Election 2016, by Rory Shane Blanchard

Photo taken from The LA Times By Rory Shane Blanchard People in this country are acting like goddamn fools, way to make the shit situation were trying to fix that much worse. People are going "ohh the electoral college is bullshit," but they didn't think so when Obama won with it. This is still a free