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    The Double Tug

    18/08/2017 0
    Illustration by Lee Brozgol Written by: Leah Wells The subway car that opened its doors at Astoria Boulevard was deserted, but I had my guitar to keep me company. The rehearsal with my duet partner, [...]
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    Illustration by: *Gea Written by: Kirsten Chen I think it’s safe to say it’s been a jarring past year. For feminists, it can feel – even more than usual – as if each day presents [...]
Lucy Vives
  • Ask an Exotically White Guy
    By Samuel Clemens Long IN NYC I’M ALMOST “SPECIAL EXHIBIT AT THE MET” WHITE. I was raised in a small Midwestern town; lotta corn and grey skies, not so much diversity. How has living in [...]

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Issue 4 Now on Sale: Home

Issue 4 Now on Sale! Home
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    By Ryan Hugh McWilliams Rarely do I have my mind blown, but today I am still putting the pieces back together. Last night I visited HERE Arts Center, a small two theater venue in west [...]
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    By M. J. Moore For Jaime Lubin Before the 1969 publication of The Godfather made his fortune, author Mario Puzo wrote profusely for the so-called “men’s magazines” published by Martin Goodman, who ruled the roost [...]