Life on the ground is brutal for civilians in Gaza, and extremely difficult for animals too.  @sulalaanimalrescue is the first and only animal rescue shelter in the Gaza Strip, founded by Saeed Al Err @alerrsaeed in 2006. Belgian volunteer Annaliese Keuleers, who has been with Sulala throughout the war, explains the difficulty of caring for animals during evacuations and bombings, as well as the rescue of abandoned pets.  Saeed works closely with his son @saed_aler

Before the war, the organization was working to educate the people and children of Gaza on animal cruelty, how to treat them, and how treatment of animals influences treatment of one another as humans. 

Despite the ongoing chaos, Sulala is still working toward arranging adoptions for its current furry residents, are working towards a later shelter and many locations, and are accepting volunteers from across the globe. For more information visit  their IG, or donate