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With your favorite artists, friends and @honeysucklemagazine. Find out why our legendary cover artist Lil Wayne says it best, and keeps it simple:  “It’s four--twenty,” he told Honeysuckle. “Enjoy it.”

This year, Honeysuckle does 420 with Young Money, one of the hottest cohorts of musical talent working today!  We feature a plethora of noteworthy artists, signed to the Mack Maine / Lil Wayne label, including Mellow Rackz and Alan Cubas. Their transformational stories speak to the power of creativity in the journey from surviving to thriving. Here you’ll meet the rapper who wrote his first songs behind bars at age 13, the young mother who used music to heal from a near-fatal gunshot wound, the Broadway star from New Orleans who sees the artistic process as a divine experience, the children of immigrants making the American Dream come true. They prove that with every generation comes the opportunity to reinvent our culture. And for another twist on culture, check out our GKUA spotlight to find out all the fire strains and products coming up next, and where to find them. Mula Baby! #ThatGKUA