A curated collection of artists and artworks: exhibit reviews, interviews with artists as well as think-pieces on the visual art scene. Our platform includes a wide variety of fields within the visual art genre such as painting, sculpture, digital art etc., with a strong focus on surrealism, political art and emerging artists within the New York scene.


Books: “Fame Shark”

One of the most intriguing things about New York City to me has always been wondering what it is like...

Film: Hail Heli

Cannes Celebrated Director Talks About Violent Thriller, ‘Heli’by Dorri OldsAmat Escalantewon Best Director last year at Cannes Film Festival for...

A Thief to Steal the Limelight

By Brandon FizerIn the rock-and-roller scene -- and it's a scene -- Rob Smith certainly stands out. Lean and towering,...

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