Beehive Recording Company

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We Love Detroit and there are A LOT of amazing things about Detroit. Not the least of which is the music. The list of talented Detroit musicians is long. Whether you’re hip to the olden […]



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In a world increasingly inundated by advertisements where everything—including people—is for sale, the non-profit initiative #SAVEARTSPACE is taking back billboards across America and transforming them into spaces for bold, creative dreamers. I spoke with Justin […]


Rock n’ Shop

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The first time I met Greg Ferreira, lead singer of The Bushwick Hotel I was making out with a model, wearing leather tights and covered in ketchup. I had been convinced by our friend Cathrine […]


Hunter Canning: Human Landscapes

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Hunter Channing is a unique photographer with a spectacular eye. When I went to his house to shoot a film, I was amazed to learn about his larger-than life-size landscapes of the human form. Luckily, […]


Flying high with Jack Novak

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Interview by: Royal Young I first met Jack Novak when I was twenty drinking a 40 Oz. on a Lower East Side stoop. Now ten years later, she’s a hugely creative, ecstatically energetic DJ and […]


Poetry Corner: Sharp Edges

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Sharp Edges By Moxie McMurder If everyone’s an enemy What do you have left? You created a storm Then cried in the rain You break and burn You brought chaos and pain You took such […]