HONEYSUCKLE MAGAZINE is a print and digital magazine that emphasizes diverse voices, personal testimony, and visual impact.

Comprised of our flagship digital and print publication, Honeysuckle Magazine, and our cannabis-exclusive print and digital publication Honey Pot Magazine, our media house provide an outlet that emphasizes diverse perspectives and creative expression. Our flagship brand explores gender and sexuality, racial politics, sustainability, and pop culture. Honey Pot Magazine, our cannabis-exclusive print and digital publication, is a first-of-its-kind culture and business guide exploring the dynamic cannabis industry with a feminine edge. The content is wise yet provocative and aims at normalizing the discussions of taboo topics. We curate a publication that analyzes society, all the while providing a platform for real people to learn something new and to make sense of their place in our constantly evolving world, Our reporting reflects who we are. Our writers tend to ‘live what they write’ rather than just reporting on a topic.


Ronit Pinto


Managing Editor – Neha Mulay

Senior Editor – Elise Bortz

Candice Peterson

Cortney Connolly

Doris Prodanovic

Riley McGraw Hart

Rina Lokaj

Michael Morris

Nikki Frias

Michael J. Moore

Consulting Editors

Patricia Bosworth

Soliel Nathwani

Naomi Rosenblatt


Sam C. Long

Editor Emeritus

Jaime Lubin

For submissions: email honey@honeysucklemag.com

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