Poems: Yuko Otomo

28/06/2015 Honeysuckle 0

  Don’t Eat A Pen! (when you italicize words) “Parlez-moi d’Amour… ” A doorbell rings. A phone rings. A floor shines. “More storms, please!” Walking inside invisible (un)readable books on War & Peace, I scream […]


The Meaning of Feathers

26/06/2015 Honeysuckle 1

Life hasn’t been that kind to me this year with worries and family losses but have you ever noticed feathers when you have felt down? No pun intended. Well angels send feathers all the time […]


Dream Team 1800911. Fez Empire

20/06/2015 Honeysuckle 0

Dream Team 1800911 from Fez Empire on Vimeo. “When I first saw Dream Team live and heard the song 1800911 the secretarial images of the 1950s and the social dances of that era were a […]


Disparate Thoughts of a Heroinhead

17/06/2015 Honeysuckle 6

To most, addiction is a dirty landscape dotted with outsiders, criminals, losers and freaks. A desperate, frightening world that many groups try to abolish by laws, pathologize with diagnoses and treatment or simply shun. But […]


Yosuke Ueno

10/06/2015 Admin Istrator 0

Yosuke Ono has a real surrealist edge with a pop culture twist.  He is a 38 year old artist based in Tokyo, Japan. He started doodling at age 3 and by the time he was 16 […]


Shooting Live – Erik Erikson

08/06/2015 Honeysuckle 0

Most of the for-hire work I do is shooting live music. Doing exactly that can get pretty mind-numbing, so after a while, I started trying to get more intimate shots before, during, and after the […]