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Stylez Away

Jerome Joyce interviews NY raised, LA based singer, song writer and producer, R&B artist Christ Stylez before his performance at the Soho House, NYC in May. 

Photos Sam C. Long

Jerome: I was recently asked to listen to the music of Chris Stylez so that I could interview him. What I heard was modern R&B with a nod to the classic styling and arraignments of R&B’s ancestors.

I also heard the influence of hip-hop in both the drums and the clever use of interludes and skits as well as vibes that felt more poppy here and there. I heard songs about quality sex, albeit “no strings attached”…songs about strippers and songs about love, both lost and found. Then I asked these questions:


JJ:  any plans to tour soon?
CS: The fall..

Do you hate to be alone?
Nope, love it!

Can a blind man pimp?
Of course. 

Is the song, ‘Who Is’ written about anyone in particular?
Yup ????

What’s the highest youve ever been?
35,000 feet


How long have you been in LA and why there?
Few months now – women, weed, and weather.

What is your favorite smaller venue around NY to perform at?
Pianos – the sound is pretty good too. 

Describe your spiritual practice now vs as a child, please.
I prayed then, and I pray now – not much has changed, shrugs ????????????????

Who is your favorite battle rapper?
Eminem in 8 mile. 

What hip hop artists has the best interludes and skits on their albums?

Have you ever been to an NHL game?
Yup. And I don’t remember one bit of it 🙂

What songs were played at your high school dances?
Never went to any, sadly.  

What is your favorite drink?
Coconut Water.

Do you fuck with dating apps?
I don’t date. 

Who is your favorite heavy metal artist?
Does Tech Nine count? If not, Slipknot (but I’m biased because Sid Wilson is my big homie.)

Describe the hardest job you’ve ever had.
I used to sell wood. The irony ????

Who played the best batman?
 Tie between Christian Bale and Michael Keaton – time for a black Batman  ????????

Do you think the nose is a sensuous body part?
No, quite the opposite. 

Least favorite comicbook superhero?
Robin. He’s a bitch. 

How do you envision your musical legacy?
 I don’t – the thrill is in the surprise. 

Favorite authors?
 Maya Angelou, I like poetry. 

How do you feel about wearing sunglasses indoors?
 If you’re gonna do it, own it. 




For more on Chris visit

Check out his video to ‘Who Is,’ the ultra sexy R&B tune which he said is “about more than the physical aspect of sex; it’s about the complex emotions involved,” in an interview with Billboard Magazine.

Insta  iamchrisstylez
twitter @IAmChrisStylez

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