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Widowhood in Africa


Widowhood in Africa: The Human Rights question (Part One) By Gozie C. Udemezue “No widow should lose her rights because she lost her husband.” Fundamental human rights are those rights every country or nation recognizes […]

Honey Power

Voices of Veterans


Sergeant Stephaine J. Shannon provides today’s ‘Voices of Veterans.’   Sgt. Shannon from Honeysuckle Magazine on Vimeo. Sgt. Shannon was 20 years undiagnosed PTSD from her time spent Desert Storm, Operation Desert Shield, Persian Gulf War […]


The Healing Hearts Widows Support Foundation


When Gozie Udemezue was eight, she was taken by a family relative to care for a widow in Southeastern Nigera, three days a week, near where she lived.  The relative, Mama Anti, was caretaker to Gozie and her siblings after their […]


THE TAROT LADY: Theresa Reed


Cover Photo: n0cturbulous   Over here at Honeysuckle, we are in love with the esoteric. Find us a tarot reader, we’ll get a reading, see a psychic?  Sign us up. It’s one of our favorite forms of exploration […]