Defriending My Rapist

18/07/2014 Honeysuckle 0

  By DORRI OLDS Facebook suggested I friend him. I guess our social networks overlapped. I guided the mouse toward his photo, and the little pointed hand hovered over his face. Fear and anger swelled up […]

Street and Community

Mike was my First Cellmate

15/07/2014 Honeysuckle 0

Words by: Chris O’connor Mike was my first cellmate. He had tattoos from head to toe, or more literally, from neck to ankle. The homemade prison ink had faded and ran together. Consequently, Mike had […]

Photo by Alex Torre

Gender: Phone Sex Change

22/06/2014 Honeysuckle 0

Dating is always tough—especially when you are a man speaking in perpetual falsetto I recently fell in love over the telephone. He was an operator at a Poison Control Center, which I’d called after accidentally […]


Essays: Mentally Unfit

22/06/2014 Honeysuckle 0

When the police found me I was standing on a subway platform, somewhere in Brooklyn, barefoot, wearing only soccer shorts in October, and crying. My hands were folded behind my head like a captured soldier. […]