Painted Youth

24/07/2014 Honeysuckle 0

Painted Youth      My snot tasted like Cocaine But not before The Canadian border   Wow we really rushed The train’s Bar car When we left The United States   Goodbye America! With a […]


Defriending My Rapist

18/07/2014 Honeysuckle 0

  By DORRI OLDS Facebook suggested I friend him. I guess our social networks overlapped. I guided the mouse toward his photo, and the little pointed hand hovered over his face. Fear and anger swelled up […]


Books: “Fame Shark”

14/07/2014 Honeysuckle 0

One of the most intriguing things about New York City to me has always been wondering what it is like to actually grow up in the city. Actually, let me rephrase that: I’ve always wondered […]


Film: Hail Heli

22/06/2014 Honeysuckle 0

Cannes Celebrated Director Talks About Violent Thriller, ‘Heli’ by Dorri Olds Amat Escalantewon Best Director last year at Cannes Film Festival for his award-winning movie, “Heli.” The main character, Heli, is played by Armando Espitia. […]


A Thief to Steal the Limelight

14/01/2014 Honeysuckle 0

By Brandon Fizer In the rock-and-roller scene — and it’s a scene — Rob Smith certainly stands out. Lean and towering, Smith rocks a Jimi Hendrix afro that adds at least another six inches of […]