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CANNABIS: Harmful or HEALing

By: Father ELnakar Allah-ade

“universal acceptance of the plant…
and that is what Babylon come with now,
‘dem want accept part of the plant…
ALL the plant good bredren.”

~intro. Perfect Tree
by CHRONIXX feat. Eesah

Many folks in the and state regions are considered “recreational users,” as most in the movement to legalize cannabis/marijuana will tell you. Thus it is hard for the [medical] campaigners to get support. However, this commentary will delineate the usefulness of the plant and how legislators are circling in on this debate.

Cannabidiol (CBD), or pure hemp, is being regarded as the “alternative to medical marijuana,” and this is due to its legality and multifaceted benefits. CBD is a non-psychoactive element of cannabis that has a wide array of therapeutic benefits that the plant itself, even when used for intoxication/meditation, possesses; it has been used for centuries in other countries as a healing agent. These benefits include:

Acting as an anti-inflammatory
Antipsychotic agent and
According to research, there are NO KNOWN NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS.
( [emphasis added by editors]

Past and present scientific research supports the consumption of of CBD from hemp oil for its general health benefits. It has excellent nutritional and economic value, which include:

  • Nearly every part of the plant is usable.
  • It doesn’t require herbicides to grow or thrive. It’s renewable and fast-growing.
  • It provides essential elements of fatty acids that the body doesn’t naturally produce and must be consumed in diet.
  • Leaves soil in a better condition than before it was planted.
  • Overall, it offers patrons a natural organic (NON-GMO) way to relax, reduce pain and maintain a healthy life.

CBD is derived from agricultural hemp and does not contain illegal amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the primary intoxicant in Marijuana. This facet makes it popular with industrial hemp farmers and should be a welcome aspect to medicinal farmers and dispensaries.

Hemp, which contains less than 0.3% THC, is grown for its fiber and is used for food, textiles, oils, to make rope, fiberboard, paper and manila hemp for envelopes.

Considering all these benefits, there should be an abundance of support for the legalization of marijuana. We just need to spread the word of its value.

Father ELnakar Allah-ade is a writer and poet based in NYC. He manages  VII Kreative Soul Art, TM and Thee Gracious Poet.

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