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By: Kareemah Muhammad

During the last weekend in August, Brooklyn was filled with laughter, soul and vibes that were contagious at the 2016 Afropunk Festival. 


Thousands gathered at this music festival in Brooklyn’s Commodore Barry Park also known as City Park, where veteran performers such as Janelle Monae hit the stage as well as indie artists like Qaasim and the Juggernaut War Party. Festival goers could choose between genres ranging from pop and rock to R&B and Hip-Hop.

Not only was the festival there to celebrate the versatile artists it was a space to promote individuality through arts and culture. Festival goers wore glamorous head pieces, colorful prints and had eclectic style. Vendors gathered from all over the country selling decorative jewelry and art as well as clothing and all natural body products. 


Signs were displayed throughout the festival stating “no racism”, “no homophobia” and “no ageism”. The festival was a microcosm of our world in felicity where individuals of different races, nationalities, and genders were free to express themselves and be respected in that space.

Afropunk ended with a smash performance from legendary Hip Hop artist Ice Cube who was formerly a member of NWA and became a solo artist as well as a famed Hollywood writer, actor and filmmaker.


Afropunk Festival did not only bring the masses to Brooklyn, it has been in London, Paris and will be in Atlanta, Georgia this October.


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